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Music Video Recommendation: “Superstar” by Beatrich

“…Like everyone else, I got some musician that inspires me right now. That would be Tove Lo and Ed Sheeran. Even though, now everyone is crazy about the technologies, everyone listens music online or downloads it to their phone, I’m a more of a CD girl, and yes, I got all the CD albums of my favourite musicians.” – Beatrich about herself


Young indie singer/songwriter Beatrich delivers a playful, fun and extremely catchy track + music video combination that is just amazing with “Superstar”. The talented Lithuanian artist caught me of guard as I just couldn’t help but fall for the beauty of her voice and the refreshing feel of her sound. The music video features her and only her showing off to the world how much of a superstar she truly is as she dances and takes center stage throughout each scene. She embodies the feel and the aura of the soundscape perfectly as we are hypnotize by each verse and how they connect with the melodies with such ease creating a one of a kind world in which we want to dive into. So listen, smile and dance around as the music takes over you. Enjoy!

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