Listen: “The Beautiful Ones” by Daniel Ahearn

“The Beautiful Ones” by Daniel Ahearn

Talented indie singer/songwriter Daniel Ahearn continues his healing process with his final EP of a set of 4. The EP that puts and end to this path he took after divorce and break-up is ‘Can You Face Me’ and from it we picked the beautiful and haunting track that is “The Beautiful Ones”. In all these songs he created he speaks of love, heartbreak, goodbyes and so many more emotions that dwell in this story. The track picked is a fine showcase of melodies, feelings and of course lyrics that speak to the listeners and embrace us tightly as if letting us know that we are also the beautiful ones that remained after the goodbye. He understands that breakups and divorces are not all about anger, sadness and so many bitter emotions ….it’s also about the good that was part of it, the smiles and laughter that was shared, the kisses and the passionate embraces and sometimes even the seeds of that love that became tiny humans who make it all be worth it. So as he heals we connect with his melodies and thank him for an honesty that is refreshing to find in music nowadays. So listen, smile and enjoy the magic of this must listen gem.

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