Listen: “Poison” by Taylor Grey

“Poison” by Taylor Grey

Indie singer/songwriter Taylor Grey delivers an insightful and bittersweet tale of love when it is for the wrong person with her latest single “Poison”. The talented songstress explores the poison like qualities that a toxic relationship can have as it “kills” you slowly and makes you loose sight of the present and the future. She understands that at times our hearts don’t always get it right and we become vulnerable and open up ourselves to someone who does not deserve it. We give power to a hand that is not loving and not for you, we cannot feel the joy and warmth that we should but at times it’s like a drug that we are addicted to even though we know it’s taking away from who we are. While the song is personal to her, it also has a relatable quality in the verses that allows us to connect and see a reflection of a story from the past or sadly from the present. The song also has a certain magic about it that makes you feel hopeful and looking to the future as it ends, for it brings an end to a story already gone. So listen, connect and of course enjoy the wonder that is this must listen gem.

“Poison juxtaposes the confidence of knowing who you are with the vulnerability of the loss of control when unexpectedly falling for someone,” explains Taylor. “Sometimes that feeling you get when you fall in love with the wrong person is like ‘poison,’ it’s toxic, and it seems to me from my experience that this is something to which a lot of people in the age of internet dating can relate. These lyrics are very personal to me and I feel like they reflect my growth both as a person and as a musician. Boy would my psych professors at Stanford have a field day with this one.Taylor Grey

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