Music Video Recommendation: “Sail On” by Asher Monroe

“As I sail on brother
You guide my way
I can hear you calling
Calling out my name
And oh how I have missed you
But I still found my way
You blessed me with a calling to heal
This world with all my pain”

Asher Monroe

Talented singer/songwriter/actor Asher Monroe teams up with award-winning director Haris Dubica and delivers the beautifully cinematic and heartfelt music video for his song “Sail On”. The track is lyrically honest and manages to hit a spot deep in our hearts and souls that make us feel more in touch with our humanity. While the visuals are simply mesmerizing and equally powerful enhancing the magic of the song itself. It is a perfect combination that has created one of the most touching experiences for the entirety of our senses. We can feel a warmth while listening and seeing this music video that is inexplicable and honestly refreshing to find in music nowadays. So listen to wonderful verses and melodies created by Asher while Haris showcases the beauty of it through one of the most amazing music videos. Enjoy!

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