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Indie Music Mixtape 24

Artist: Brother Sundance

Song: Blind

Why? Indie singer/songwriter Brother Sundance delivers a haunting and beautiful track with his latest music video for his song “Blind”. The track delivers perfectly set harmonies with female vocales that together bring the lyrics to the track and allow us to dive deep into the soundscape that is being set in front of us. The combination of music and visuals are simply exquisite and embrace the verses in a way that is soothing and refreshing to the senses. 

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Artist: Wild Child

Song: Expectations

Why? Indie music ensemble Wild Child delivers a charming blend of old school melodies and contemporary lyricism that is beautifully set in front of us capturing our attention instantly. The track pulls us into a world that feels like home as they lyrics showcase a certain reflection of our lives and experiences while also creating a unique and everlasting story that is mesmerizing to see . Listen and enjoy a musical creation for the ages. 

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Artist: MR WA7T Ft. Rothwell

Song: Say U don’t love somebody

Why? One of a kind melodies and vocals combined perfectly in a collaboration that is made for the books as it delivers memorable musical arrangements that house beautiful vocals that carry lyrics that know how to feel true and honest to the listeners. Truly the track delivers a certain otherworldly blend of bittersweet melodies and verses that speak truth while also making us feel a strange sense of warmth. 

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Artist: Kayls

Song: Porcelain

Why? Indie singer/songwriter Kayls delivers her second single and it is truly a work of art that screams powerful lyrics and emotions that speak based on the experiences lived by the artists. She screams at those who tried to control her art and limit her talent, he breaks free of their grasp and allows us to know that she is an artist with not only a massive amount of talent but a voice that speaks verses that are true and come from life. So listen, enjoy and become a fan as I have of Kayls.

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Artist: Anteros

Song: Love

Why? Anteros are back once again to Wolf in a Suit and in such a quick fashion, but honestly it is practically impossible to not fall for the amazing blend of 80’s inspired melodies filled with contemporary touches and lyrics that come from a place of life and experiences that are easily relatable while also being refreshing and most electric. Their latest track is a beautiful blend of pop and rock that showcases that mesmerizing voice perfectly.

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Artist: Chris Leamy

Song: Hold Ground

Why? Chris Leamy delivers a certain haunting and everlasting blend of vocals and melodies that is extremely refreshing and powerful and “Hold Ground” has something about it that is sure to stay within the listeners. It also has a certain emotion filled and honest vibe that dance around the lyrics and sounds making it a song that you simply want to share with everyone around you. So listen and enjoy this amazing track. 

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Artist: Jay Putty

Song: Sunday Morning

Why? Indie singer/songwriter Jay Putty delivers a track that speaks of a love that is wonderful, refreshing and fills you with energy each and every day. It sings of a song that is sought out by many if not all, and showcases the emotions and feelings of having this mesmerizing experience. “Sunday Morning” is soothing, playful and extremely catchy and invites the listeners to tap our feet and do our best at singing along to this amazing song. 

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Artist: Blyne

Song: Water

Why? Producer duo Blyne unite their amazing musical arrangements with the vocals of a mysterious and talented singer whose voice dances from note to note making the song a complete and one of a kind must listen gem. The track is soothing while also bring a special feeling of energy surging through your body as the track takes shape and form. “Water” is one of those songs that is bound to be a part of many must follow playlists. Enjoy!

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Artist: Ary

Song: Anymore

Why? Once more the Portuguese indie band Ary brings another punk/rock gem that is filled with raw energy and passion that makes “Anymore” a powerful rock anthem for the listeners. The track speaks to us as it carries lyrics and melodies that create a relatable and known soundscape that touches parts of the experiences already lived by most if not all of us. The track is truly something special that must be added to playlists all around. Enjoy!

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Artist: Silk Cinema

Song: Magic

Why? Indie pop in a strangely soothing and haunting fashion that does it’s title justice as it sets a certain magic in place as the listeners fall in love with the combination of melodies and lyrics that Silk Cinema have brought forth for us to enjoy. The talented indie act delivers a song that is a perfect combination of classic tunes and modern day combinations that carry a union of pop, electronica and even dashes of soul in the mix. Enjoy!

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