Music Video Recommendation: “Yours” by Now, Now

“The video embodies the exact emotions I was experiencing while we were writing this song. Feelings of longing, devotion, and persistence. The energy of falling in love and being in love.” – KC Dalager of Now Now

Now Now

Indie pop duo Now, Now deliver a beautiful and riveting new track with their latest single “Yours”. The track embraces us and showcases the magic and beauty of love so perfectly while also making us fall the blend of melodies and vocals that flow hand in hand with lyrics that are refreshing and mesmerizing. The talented pair come back with new found energy and strength that ensures fans and new listeners that they are in front of a musical act that is here to stay for many years to come. They connect with inexplicable with ease as they set emotions and feelings in place that simply reflect those felt by the listeners at one point or another in life. The vocals are perfect and the arrangement of the music knows how to explore the right sounds to house it and enhance beautifully. So listen, see and fall for a song that is truly bound to hit home. Enjoy!

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