Featured Music Video: “Fornever” by Sherpa

The lyrics reflect on those moments that, seem like they could last forever, but with a blink of an eye they disappear. Maybe they become distant memories, maybe you doubt if they ever happened – they become fornever moments. We want people to remember and appreciate those moments.” – Carsten Eliasen of Sherpa




Talented Danish indie pop duo Sherpa deliver a heartfelt and mesmerizing debut single with their must listen track “Fornever”. The pair take careful consideration of lyrics and melodies ensuring a full experience for the listeners while also connecting with them. The verses speak of moments lived and moments that could have been in love, in friendships or any moment in life that now feel so far away and even as if they have never happened. They beg us to keep each memory even if they were not pleasing, for they are all experiences that are now part of us and must be cherished as they make up who you are. Honestly the track is just beautiful in its haunting vibes and hypnotizing in every aspect of it. So listen to the blend of lyrics and melodies and see the beauty of the masterfully created visuals while knowing that you are enjoying a track that is up there with the best.

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