New Music Alert: “Who” by Stevie Wolf

“Who” by Stevie Wolf

Stevie Wolf delivers an intimate and introspective track with his latest single “Who” that is sure to hit the spot for music lovers. The talented singer/songwriter does a careful exploration of the self and as he looks a his own reflections he asks a questions that we have asked ourselves …“who are you…?”. When you are alone and the pressure of the world is not on top of you, do you recognize yourself? Are you able to really be who you are or does doubt pour in as your reflection doesn’t seem to be what you thought? The track can cause a bit of anxiety but it can also free you as you can really explore within and find if you are happy where you and who you are. It lets the listener know that everyone no matter who you are has felt anxious, doubtful and even lost at times. It allows us to listen to ourselves and find a way to be proud of who we are and where we are heading for the road is long and we are barely getting started. So listen, explore a bit and above all enjoy a must listen gem from an artist whose name will be headlining festivals sooner than later.

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