New Music Alert: “Feel so Alone” by JNNA

“Feel so Alone” by JNNA

Talented singer/songwriter JNNA joins forces with producer Tyzo Bloom and together they deliver the haunting and melodic single “Feel so alone”. They connect every single bittersweet emotion with the verses creating a song that speaks to the listener and understands that being with someone does not necessarily mean you are not alone. Tyzo sets the arrangement of the melodies perfectly allowing her to dance around softly with her voice and her lyrics hypnotizing us as we listen. She transmits a certain peace and warmth that lets us know that she has been through the story of the song and knows that many have as well. Love sometimes is not forever, a relationship is not always for the best, and being lonely could happen even when someone is right next you. Loneliness comes when you feel out of place, your voice is not heard and sometimes you can’t be you …thus making you feel so alone as if in a dark cold room. But there’s a silver-lining for many out there are alone, but know that maybe you are in the right place next to the right person, which means your search is not done yet. So smile at this bitter feeling and pick yourself for you have an adventure waiting for you. Enjoy!

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