Listen: “Sway” by HOAX

“Sway” by HOAX

Indie band HOAX delivers one of the best songs of the year hands down with their must listen gem“Sway” from their album ‘words that end with wh(y)’ . There’s something so human and at the same time so surreal about the mesmerizing combination of melodies and verses that together bring something so refreshing and needed in music. Plus Mike Raj’s voice is perfection in every sense of the word as he blends both old school and contemporary magic ensuring that we pay attention and find our reflection in the lyrics. Frantz, Paul, Kevin and Jacob set the most amazing arrangement thus allowing Mike to really kill it and together they all give us music for the masses and for the ages. Each song along with this beauty has the capacity of becoming everlasting and connecting with listeners without looking at age, gender, religion …simply delivering must listen songs that connect with ease with all. Honestly words cannot describe what this song really makes me feel as I listen to it, so I’ll just invite you to listen to and become envelop by its otherworldly vibes. Enjoy!

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