Listen: “I can be mean” by Syrra

“I can be mean” by Syrra

Swedish singer Aneta and Berlin-born producer Ea Akila unite their amazing talents and together they are sisters, together they are Syrra and they are ready to take on the world. With heartfelt and vulnerable lyrics they pull us into their soundscape and immediately we fall in love with the dramatic beauty of “I can be mean”. We embrace each sentence, each note, each second and we feel them inside of us as we can see a gentle reflection of our existence in this gem. The track showcases a most refreshing and welcomed human side as it speaks of our flaws, our weakness, our struggles and how in all of those there can hope, support and understanding that nobody is perfect and that within our imperfection our beauty is enhanced. It’s honestly a must listen song not only for the spectacular lyricism and the hypnotizing melodies, but also because the unknown “it” that dwells in it caresses the listeners and makes them feel at ease as the song unfolds.

This talented pair of artists have caught lighting in a bottle with their musical union and I am truly excited for what will come next. So for now just keep quiet and listen as their marvelous debut single unfolds and becomes one of the best songs of the year. Enjoy!

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