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Music Video Recommendation: “Don’t give up on me” by RIVVRS

“The song was written about that fear of abandonment. Both from the people in my life, and from myself,” says RIVVRS’, about the new track. However, he believes in finding a silver lining of hope, “’s a mantra to keep swimming even when you feel like you’re drowning.”


Brandon Zahursky aka RIVVRS delivers a unique and thoughtful blend of americana, pop and honesty that invites the listeners into his world with inexplicable ease. We are gently pulled into the story that lies hidden with the verses and we can paint a picture that is simply mesmerizing. His track “Don’t give up on me” hits deep and hits home for most if not all, for we have felt the pain and the fear of being alone and being left on the sidelines. It provides a bittersweet taste to our palettes as it might bring memories back from the vault we have them hidden, but it also shines a light on a hope that tomorrow can be a better day. The track does not sugar coat the reality of life, but instead provides a wide array of what it sometimes involves. It tells us to keep going and to push on and move forward for there’s someone out there that will not give up on you. Enjoy!

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