Indie Rock

Music Video Recommendation: “All went black” by Anastasia Max

“Feels like a long way back,
From where I’ve been, 
From where it all went black.
Now I know how to put
it all together, now.

Now it seems like it’s been forever”

Anastasia Max

Indie rock teen brother/sister duo Anastasia and Maxamillion aka Anastasia Max deliver a powerful and anthemic gem with their debut single “All went black”.  The track delivers a meaningful and insightful blend of music and lyrics that are perfectly showcase by one of the most amazing voices I’ve heard in the genre. Young Anastasia kills it with vocals that honestly outperform many of the most veteran singers out there and Maxamillion delivers the perfect melodies to house it. Together they are a force of nature and not only that but they bring up something with the visuals that people tend to overlook but it is very much a reality. They showcase bullying and how it can affect the bullied in ways that can actually remain and become scars, they plea with us to open our eyes and do something about it for the solutions are in our hands. So listen, see and be hypnotize by the mastery in the soundscape and the message that resides in the video. Enjoy!

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