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Music Video Recommendation: “Lightning Strikes” by James Riley

“The video for “Lightning Strikes” was shot in condemned house by award-winning director John Stow from Intraspectrum Studios. It has a spooky “Stranger Things” vibe and we’re very proud of it.” – James Riley

James Riley

Indie singer/songwriter James Riley delivers a contemporary take on the classic narrative of the murder ballad with his gem “Lightning Strikes”. He paints a picture with his words and we are able to not only see a glimpse of this world, but to completely immerse ourselves into it. We are pulled completely into the soundscape and we are in awe of the sheer beauty and lyrical capacity that it showcases. James embraces each word and connects with them perfectly as his song takes shape and form becoming personally a modern day instant classic. And not only is the music just wonderful, but along with award-winning director John Stow (from Instraspectrum Studios) they set forth visuals that could easily showcase a short film that I would see over and over again. The blending of talents and the union of the imagery and verses become hypnotizing and we know that we are in front of something special. So listen, see and open the door to a real of music, lyrics and strange things that haunt and mesmerize. Enjoy!

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