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Music Video Recommendation: “Medusa” by Kailee Morgue

She says, “Mortal oh you’ve been chosen
You’re beautiful but you’re broken
So hold on to this moment
And fight until you’re hopeless”

Kailee Morgue

Young singer/songwriter Kailee Morgue delivers the final take of a track that went viral and even landed her a record deal with Republic Records. “Medusa” is one of those special musical creations that embraces her ethereal voice, a magical soundscape and mesmerizing lyrics that blend mythology with reality beautifully. She takes us by the hand and we are transported to a world that took shape and form in her imagination. She masterfully written lyrics speak to us and carry within a certain bittersweet charm that is strangely inspiring and will surely leave you with your mouth open. There’s no denying that Kailee is made up of that special “it” factor that attracted people in social media to make her viral, to make a record label sign her and this wolf to simply become an instant fan. So listen, see and be amaze by the sheer beauty and talent of an artist meant to be heard. Enjoy!

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