New Music Alert: “Fighting” by Machine Age

“Fighting” by Machine Age

Brisbane based Adrian Mauro aka Machine Age delivers a powerful and even anthemic masterpiece with his latest creation “Fighting”. The talented artist delivers a unique and inviting mix of rock and electronica that could set the world ablaze with verses and melodies that reach us completely. He speaks to us through his music and lets us know that there are things out there worth fighting for, but make sure they are worth fighting for you. He reminds us that life takes courage, strength and perseverance while we give it our all and show the world the fire we are made of. Honestly the song has a certain beat about it that is just hypnotizing and his voice is just perfection. So listen and enjoy the latest from a talent you should definitely know.

“Fighting – When you find yourself paralyzed by your own decisions and wake up asking “How did I get here”. The only way to gain clarity is to be kinder to yourself and not repeat the mistakes of the past”.Adrian Mauro aka Machine Age

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