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Mitchell Mirande

From Seattle, WA comes talented indie pop singer/songwriter Mitchell Mirande and his amazing and heartfelt melodies. He showcases a rare purity in his lyrics and a certain approachability in his voice that is both endearing and inspiring as each of his songs take shape and form. He takes the old school persona of the singer/songwriter, the one that can capture the attention of everyone with just his voice and a guitar while creating a soundscape that is human and surreal at the same time. He connects with you as his verses connect with each other setting up a story that we can’t take our eyes away from. The melodies are simply just outside the realm of the mundane and simple, for his music serves as ambrosia for those hungry for the magic and ethereal nature of music. So I invite you to listen, embrace and enjoy the wonderful musical creations of an artist whose name will be known by all and his songs will become anthems for you to sing along.

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