New Music Alert: “Swing” by Josiah and the Bonnevilles

“Swing” by Josiah and the Bonnevilles

Indie folk welcomes a band with a unique name and a sound that is refreshing and honest, say hello to Josiah and the Bonnevilles. The Tennessee based band brings along a most wonderful musical creation with their latest single “Swing”. The track speaks from the heart and delivers one final plea to take one more swing at life together and at a love that was dreamed for more. While the song is hopeful it is also honest as it understands that relationships are not always all joy and sometimes they get close to meeting the end. We are given a chance to image to story that translates from the verses and in our hands the ending is set for us to picture and create as we please. It speaks to each of us differently but it definitely delivers a unique set of feelings and emotions that are so human and so real. So listen, enjoy and of course follow a band whose name is unique and whose sound is beyond words.

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