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“This is my first co-direct, it was so much fun being completely involved in the project from start to finish. We wanted to work towards something that ties the double AA side together. Love, equality and Women Power: working together instead of against each other. The video was choreographed by Darcy Wallace. We shot the video at the iconic Repton Boxing Club in London, and we could not have been more lucky with the team. Everyone was hands on from start to finish, helping us cover the boxing ring ropes with roses until the very end.” – Laura Hayden (Frontwoman for Anteros)


Talented indie band Anteros delivers honestly a work of art both visually and musically with their latest music video for their must listen track “Bonnie”. The band gives us a wonderful treat that inspires, amazes and brings a soundscape that is just wonderful to hear. Our senses rejoice as we hear this track and feel something inside of us as it has something unique about it that just picks you up and makes you feel ready to take on the world. Plus the visuals are just fantastic and eye-catching and you can’t your eyes away from the screen as each scene goes by right in front of you. The transitions between the band and the powerful ladies showcasing their strength and passion in the right are so well done and have a way of flowing with the melody of the song. Highly recommend track that you should not only enjoy right now but add to your playlist and also get excited for the band is working on their debut album (which based on their latest releases it is sure to be 10/10). So listen, see and enjoy!

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