Listen: “Help me out” by Mr Gabriel

“Help me out” by Mr Gabriel

Talented Nashville based artist Mr Gabriel delivers a fantastic and hypnotic showcase of musical talent and passion with his latest gem “Help me out”. The track is a blend of provocative melodies and strangely inviting rhythm that makes your body want to sway from side to side as the song welcomes the voice and we are done for. The vocals are mesmerizing and carry the lyrics perfectly straight to our ears and we understand the magic of the story he is sharing with us. The song speaks of a lover, one that we will all meet and even cherish some day, it speaks of the sweet kiss of lady death or the tender cold hands of the grim reaper (depends on your cup of tea). It’s a fantastic and melodic ode to those two who represent the end of our current affairs here in the physical plain of existence (whether there’s another after it is a personal choice to believe or not). So listen, enjoy and dance to the sweet tune that is “Help me out”.

“Death is the ultimate lover that’s been waiting MY whole life to hold ME…it’s a bit strange. There is a peace and an aching in that kind of romance.”Mr Gabriel

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