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Music Video Recommendation: “Eliza” by Lauran Hibberd

“For me, ELIZA is a soundtrack. It’s the dancing around in your room when your alone, the song you brush your teeth to in the morning. It’s coming of age, it’s fun, it’s young and it’s brash. It’s ignorantly honest, and represents my generation and the world I live in (all of it’s faults included). I wrote the song about the little voice we all have in the back of our minds, and I just happened to name mine ELIZA.”

Lauran Hibberd

Talented singer/songwriter Lauran Hibberd delivers a melodious, playful and truly inviting musical creation with her track “Eliza”. The young artist has fun and blends a certain child-like story that plays around with our imagination while also showcasing a refreshing sense of growth and maturity. The song has a way of really connecting with the listener as it delivers verses and melodies that embrace our nature and our view of the world while also providing something sweet and warm to make us feel at ease. While you listen and smile, you understand that Eliza is her conscience and it speaks to her just as ours speak to us aiming to guide us through the world while also making sure we learn from the decisions we make. It’s a gentle to reminder to really think about how all we do shapes us and builds who we are in life. Enjoy!

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