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“Your Car” by Alexx Mack ft. EXES

Finally, another musical gem from the talented Alexx Mack after almost a year waiting, and she joins forces with the electro/pop duo Exes for this beauty. Together they deliver “Your Car” and it truly was worth the wait as this collaboration delivers gold with every single second of this song. The track is hauntingly mesmerizing and has something about it that sticks with you as you are pulled inside the world they have created. Once it ends you beg for more and your hand automatically moves to simply press play once more. It is one of those gems that embrace love, youth and a passionate unknown or maybe a quest to see if it was a mistake or maybe it was more. You might see a reflection of a moment in the past or a reminder of a moment to come, whatever it may be you are bound to fall in love with this collaboration. Enjoy!

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