Listen: “You’ve been on my mind” by Fabrizio Cammarata

“You’ve been on my mind” by Fabrizio Cammarata

Italian indie singer/songwriter Fabrizio Cammarata delivers tales of nostalgia, heartache, love, loss and so much more that embraces the reality of life. He embraces not only the good, but the sad and necessary and showcases a growth from these moments that is refreshing to hear. He understands music not only as joyful and full of happy moments, but also as a way to tell stories that teach something and that understands listeners in their weaknesses and losses. “You’ve been on my mind” is one of those wonderfully bittersweet tales of a love that remains only inside your head, and you wish it to no longer be there. His smooth and emotion filled voice is able to get a tear or two from us as the story unfolds and we can see a reflection of a memory or maybe even a present. So listen, enjoy and know that he understands you and will more stories that embrace not only the good but also the rest of what life entails.

As if I were getting deeper and deeper in the nature of shadows, I try to slowly move the curtain away to see what lies beyond. I come clean, I say my truth, but… you? Do you know what you will find if you look into your shadows?Fabrizio Cammarata

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