Listen: “Tidal Wave” by FXRRVST

“Tidal Wave” by FXRRVST

FXRRVST (pronounced Forest) is a talented indie pop duo from Toronto, Canada that is bound to truly become a household name. A fine example of this prediction comes in the shape, form and sounds of “Tidal Wave”, a must listen beautiful track that just finds a way to touch you and inspire your heart and soul from the very first note. There’s something so special about this song, that really showcases a passion and soul that is both invigorating and refreshing to find as of late in music. Plus there’s something about them that immediately reminded me of the charm and easy to connect with melodies of a certain band I dig a lot, He is We. So listen, enjoy and become a fan just like this wolf has of a talented pair of artists who deliver music from the heart.





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