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“I’ll Fix it” by Phil Good

Indie singer/songwriter Phil Good delivers a beautiful must listen indie pop gem with his latest single “I’ll fix it”. There’s something so honest, so powerful and simply so marvelous to hear as the soundscape unfolds and pulls us in immediately. Phil delivers what can only be described as a modern day masterpiece of smooth and pleasing vocals that flow with ease through pop-perfect melodies thus creating something out of this world. He speaks to us and to our hearts creating a story of love and a want to be better, to grow and to become a person that can make that special one proud. He understands the concept of failure and that sometimes things get broken, but he is willing to fix it and really give it his all to really reassure that person that he is here to stay. So simply listen to this gem, enjoy it and make sure to follow Phil all over social media and of course to add this track in your favorite playlists.

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