Review: White Noise by Noah Gundersen

Noah Gundersen

If you are in the market for raw emotions, variety in melodies and a passionate voice that can hypnotize, mesmerize and even tame a wild animal …then you have arrived to the right artist. Noah Gundersen delivers a set of songs that range from old school magic, instant classics, anthemic gems, rock ballads and so much more. ‘White Noise’ is without a doubt the work of a master craftsman, an explorer of sounds and verses, and an adventurer who lives for the thrill of understanding the human experience and the emotions that com from it. The songs are all so powerful and capable of standing on their own feet without any help and each one of them is a story waiting for listeners to dive into them and become mesmerized by the world they create.

Noah is surely bound to become one of the greats in the ever growing world of the rock genre. He understands and respects the music and the feelings and emotions that inspire it …thus inspiring us as we listen and become enthralled by each of his creations. He is a singer/songwriter/force of nature that is capable of connecting with people with such ease that I am simply blown away by the beauty of the songs. From the passionate quest for love in “New Religion”, the old school vibes in “The Sound”, the soft ballad that is “Bad Desire” and the hypnotizing union of lyrics and melodies found in “Cocaine, Sex & Alcohol (From a basement in Los Angeles)”…Noah has created a monster with this album. All I can say is to simply listen to it to really understand why I am passionate about it, you’ll immediately see what I see in his voice, his sound and that unknown magic that pulls people in. Buy it, hear it, live it, breath it all in and make it one of those albums that becomes a treasure that you just want the whole world to listen to. Enjoy!



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