Premiere: “Blood” by Passeport

“We wanted to work with a team that would thrive with autonomy. It was incredibly important to us that this video could stand on its own as art – and our video partners certainly accomplished that. This is their vision and interpretation of our work – and we couldn’t be more thrilled with or inspired by the outcome. Their concept gravitated towards the wonderment young people have almost relating to an idea of immutable characteristics.”


Indie pop/rock ensemble Passeport delivers one of the best debuts to come this year and this Wolf is honored to premiere the music video for it right here. Listen to the masterpiece that is “Blood” and fall in love with the amazing visuals and the young talent that is Adam Hyott, the star of the video. The guys take dreams, hopes and more and give them verses and an embodiment of them with a child whose spark and imagination allows us to remember the beauty of being fearless and full of dreams. The lyrics carry such power and beauty that you just have to smile as they take shape and form becoming an anthem of empowerment that lights up our hearts and souls. . We are filled with a certain positive vibe that is much needed, plus the refreshing and one of a kind path taken blends pop and rock beautifully.  So listen, enjoy and know that you now have a new favorite band to follow in the talented pack of musicians from Ohio.

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