New Music Alert: “The Game” by Neena

“Music in the soul can be heard by the universe.” – Lao Tzu


From Poland and now based in the UK comes singer/songwriter NEENA and her latest music video for her must listen track “The Game”. The talented 18 year old artist hits us once again with a track that is simply up there among the best. The song delivers powerful and mature lyrics that speak true and speak loud as we can find reflections of our current state affairs and we wonder if we are heading the right direction. Through the music video we get a glimpse of what could happen if we continue heading on this path as her fictionalized vision seems to resemble a potential future down the road if we continued caring only about the material and not about the human. The dystopian future takes place in a place in time in which the 30th anniversary of a pseudo great wall is taking place and the world aims to survive the mysterious dangers behind the wall. The visuals are simply stunning and deliver a certain Mad Max kind of feeling while also flowing hand in hand with the verses in this gem. So listen, enjoy and dive into the world she has created through words, melodies and a careful inspection of the state of our reality.

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