New Music Alert: “At my door” by Payton Odom

“At my door” by Payton Odom

Singer/songwriter Payton Odom delivers a bittersweet and honest blend of verses and melodies that together create a plethora of emotions that come from reality. He speaks of the limbo in which we at times finds ourselves not knowing whether we should move forward together with someone or separate from that person in an aim to find yourself once again. He understands that deciding between both options is not as simple as a yes or no, it comes from looking through all the memories and moments while also speaking to your heart about the present. “At my door” is one of those songs that caresses the very existence of our human heart and soul as it really aims to speak to it not with pretty little words but with honest sentences that actually invite us to grow. The native Texan is sure to become a household name if he continues down this path, delivering lyrics that really speak true and not only to the people that hear it but to their experiences. Listen and enjoy!

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