Music Video Recommendation: “U” by Hamish Anderson

“Pop music is aspirin and the blues are vitamins.” – Peter Tork

Hamish Anderson

Indie blues/rock artist Hamish Anderson delivers a track that blends old school beauty and modern day magic perfectly with his gem “U”. The track showcases the everlasting talent and passion of this Australian singer/songwriter in a way that gets you excited as you hear each verse take shape and form.  The song is simply out of this world perfection from every aspect of its delivery, it carries the rebelliousness of rock while also delivering the passion of blues in a way that you just can’t shake it off. It is one of those special songs that ensures the world that the artist singing it is one of those touched by the special unknown that caresses a few in life and reminds us that music is a special thing that we need in our lives. So listen, enjoy and make sure to keep track of what Hamish brings to the music scene.

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