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Music Video Recommendation: “Prayer” by Gina Kushka

“I’m very involved in the visual aspect of my work and wanted it to feel like there were two time frames happening simultaneously, with different emotional states and lots of engaging imagery. The beautiful location matched the song and we used some older footage which made it incredibly special.” – Gina Kushka about the video

Gina Kushka

South African singer/songwriter Gina Kushka delivers an exemplary combination of visuals and melodies that are sure to mesmerize and hypnotize all. She delivers a verses and melodies that are so beautiful and so touching in a way that is one of a kind and much welcomed. Plus not only is the sound up there, but she made sure that the visuals and each scene in the video are up to that standard creating something really amazing. “Prayer” is a track that caresses your senses and reminds that you are not alone and that your world is not going to crumble. It lets you know that every moment when you feel anxious or like falling to pieces are tests and you are ready to showoff your worth and your strength during this times – it invites you to be hopeful and to know that you are more than enough to handle anything. So listen, enjoy and take a beautiful lesson from this gem by Gina.

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