Listen: “Something to believe” by The New Respects

“Something to believe” by The New Respects

Family affair indie band The New Respects once again hits the spot and does it so with a track that is beyond words beautiful, inspiring and truly a must listen gem. The track I am talking about is their latest single “Something to believe”, after listening to it you will surely believe in something. The track speaks from the heart, the human experience and how at times we feel lost and out place looking for something to make us hope for something good. It understands that the bad can outweighs the good at times, but it speaks of wanting a glimpse that there is a light after all the tears, the sweat and the pain. The song has a certain charm about it that makes it feel so personal and so ours, that we can take from it and add it to our own moments of feeling lost, out of place and wanting some goodness in our days. The band really knows how to speak to their listeners and this track is a must for any music lover. Listen, breath it in and enjoy this masterpiece.

“‘Something to Believe In’ is about the longing to believe in goodness when it looks like there is no reason to,” explains The New Respects’ Jasmine Mullen. “We wanted to leave room in the song for the listener to plug in their own story. All of our darkness looks different, but there is love and hope for every single one of us.”

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