Listen: “Real” by Lucida

“Real” by Lucida

Philadelphia based indie rock band Lucida delivers an amazing track from their latest Hush EP, the gem is titled “Real”. The song is honestly so true, powerful and has a way of hitting you right in the heart allowing you to really understand the beauty of the lyrics. The band takes careful consideration of everything in the song as they build it up slowly but surely into a soundscape that is everlasting and bound to connect. The verses can be seen as an ode to a lost love and heartbreak, but really it is to something (anything) that holds you back…it can even be yourself. It invites the listener to push beyond the limitations and all that seems to stop you and really give it your all and embrace who you are meant to be. The track is truly inspiring and is able to create something in you as it takes shape and form becoming an instant classic. So listen, enjoy and dive into the world of this talented band from Philadelphia.

This starts off as the slowest and most sparse song on our new release, but we try and build it up to a huge roar of sound by the end of it, which is pretty representative of what we are going for as a band. While lyrically at first glance the song seems like a longing for a lost lover, it’s more of an extended metaphor for holding on to something that everyone around you knows you lost except you, whether it’s a dream you just don’t have the skills to make a reality, the image of you in high school – whatever holds you back from really being who you should be as a human, and getting the courage to let it go and move on.Lucida

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