Music Video Recommendation: “Twice” by Jagara

“The idea was for us to narrate this man’s struggle and his transformation from self-doubt to self-expression, while exploring the pressures of masculinity and the misconception of what it means to be strong. We wanted it to have a raw quality, incorporating the drama and energy of Michael Jackson’s early videos.”


London based sisters Jane, Ruth and Cat aka Jagara deliver a luscious and mesmerizing indie pop soundscape with touches of RnB, electronica and more making for something so uniquely refreshing. The track/music video combo for “Twice” is perfection and nothing less can really describe it. The lyrics caress each other softly and they become one with the melodies, serving a story of heartache, sadness and growth as one sees everything unfold. We see the breakdown of love in the verses, how one you knew like the palm of your hands becomes a stranger and you wonder who he/she is and you finally conclude that sadly you do not wan’t to get to know that person twice (the first time was the one you wanted). They understand that this transition is part of relationships sometimes, while it is sad it is also a moment of growth and understanding where you stand and where you want to go and with who you want to take this path. For the music video they focus on the self and the getting to truly know who you are and where you passion and drive resides. It’s a wonderful music video that personally breaks down ancient ideas and concepts of what masculinity should be. Thank you ladies for something empowering, beautiful and truly one of the best tracks heard at Wolf in a Suit. Enjoy!

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