Music Video Recommendation: “Harmful” by The Howlin’

“I think the most important thing about music is the sense of escape.” – Thom Yorke

The Howlin’

From the Netherlands comes a nice serving of something exciting and jaw dropping courtesy of The Howlin’ and their single “Harmful”. The talented ensemble delivers a careful self-exploration of the self and the realization that the most harmful being to ourselves is simply us and no one else. It speaks truthful through verses that carry such power and honesty that just hit us and open our eyes instantly. Plus the music is just amazing, just listen to that blend of old school and new school melodies that become perfection as Joel Gaerthe add his voice into the mix. This really is a band that has the potential to only become a fan favorite in rock, but to actually become a fine contender for the crown. So listen, enter the magic of their world and enjoy the ride because they are just getting started and I am sure there’s more to hear and see.

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