Listen: “Hunger” by Tia Gostelow

“Hunger” by Tia Gostelow

With only 18 years of age the talented Tia Gostelow delivers melodies that easily rival those of the most veteran acts. The young talent showcases a precocious and most welcomed musical ability that constantly creates and grows in a rate that is mesmerizing. Her latest single “Hunger” is a fine example of modern indie rock that grabs inspiration from the old school sounds while still staying true to itself and to its creator. The song comes from a place of truth and honesty, it engraves the experiences she went through while younger and showcases the songwriting ability of  Little May’s Hannah Field, Liz Drummond and of course Tia (these three talented people co-wrote this gem). So listen, enjoy and connect with a wonder of a soundscape that is bound to be part of many playlists and honestly for me it’s a hit.

We started chatting away just having a casual conversation about music and our life and we got onto the topic of how I had been experiencing a lot of tall poppy syndrome back at home. I had always struggled with making good friends and staying in friendship groups all through out high school, I always felt a bit like I was an outsider, I wasn’t bullied or anything, I just always felt people didn’t understand what I was doing with music and how serious i was about it.Tia Gostelow on details of how 'Hunger' came about during a writing session with Little May

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