Remix it: “Tonic Water” by Moglii ft. Novaa (Snocker Cot Remix)

Moglii ft. Novaa X Snocker Cot

“Tonic Water” by Moglii ft. Novaa is a must listen beauty of a track, then comes Snocker Cot and gives it his own spin and adds a new layer to it that is most welcomed. The remix keeps the mesmerizing and heartfelt aura of the original while adding moments that touch the hear and even invite the listener to dance. Not any crazy move your body all around type of dance, but something that resembles the sensuality and the emotions of Argentinean tango. This trio of artists are perfectly united in this remix and honestly it is a track that you just want to hear over and over again. You just can’t get tired of it, there’s something so special and inviting about it that it immediately became one of my favorite remixes. Enjoy!

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