Listen: “Underwater” by Essie Holt

“Underwater” by Essie Holt

Australian indie singer/songwriter Essie Holt takes life and the experiences that shake and leave and mark and turns them into a beautiful must listen track titled “Underwater”. The talented artist delivers a set of emotions to which we can relate and embrace as we can understand them and know them as well. We have all found ourselves in moments where something really hits you and you can’t even cope or describe them in words. It could be related to family, work, love and so much more – it has something about it that relates to everyone no matter the situation they are in or have been in. The track comes from a place of truth and reality therefore making it bittersweet but so necessary to be heard for it understands us and the mixed reality of life. So listen, enjoy and dive into the soundscape she has created for us.

I wrote “Underwater” super late one night after a pretty heavy conversation. I’d had to swallow a lot of words in that moment, so when I sat down at the piano the song came relatively fast. It’s about the blurred senses you experience when something really shakes you.Essie Holt

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