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“Stranger” by ROSA

Southern California Indie Pop band ROSA comes in for the first time to Wolf in a Suit and they do not disappoint. The talented trio deliver a true must listen gem with their track “Stranger”, they instantly connect with you and you simply want more. They blend soft and inviting vocals with melodies that caress the very existence of the genre thus creating an experience for the listener. The soundscape is strangely soothing as we can sense that there are people out there that understand how at times we can feel like strangers in this world. They focus on the current take in romance that modern day culture seems to focus on, the instant gratification and no commitment train of thought. They feel lost in it and honestly so do I, I believe in seeking something that matters and that can deliver a special warmth that makes you feel at home and at ease. But whether you feel like the or not, we all can agree that this truly is must add to any playlist and the band are a must follow. Enjoy!

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