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“Goodbyes” by Mafalda

London native Mafalda comes in strong and with a nice dose of fresh tunes and mesmerizing vocals that are sure to turn her into a household name. The talented singer/songwriter brings her latest single “Goodbyes” and it just clicks instantly for she speaks our language and understands our souls. As a human being she embraces the reality of what being in love is, it’s not always in happy endings and also not always in tragic farewells …sometimes is just goodbye. She sings as if she was speaking to a soon to be former partner, she explains that the little things do not seem to fade away and that instead of evolving this sentiment into hate she would rather say goodbye for life is not meant to be lived fighting and not really enjoying the moments spent with the one you claim to be special for you. She takes a mature stand and it is honestly refreshing to hear in her lyrics, for always love and its ending seems to be part of the realm of fiction in the music scene. Most of the time love is set in a way that feels too grandiose and out of reach and the break up too painful to even live after, but for her is moving on and growing from what was lived (which closely resembles the reality of it). Not only does she hit the mark with the lyrics, but the song itself is honestly so catchy and the melody just makes you tap your feet to its rhythm. So listen, enjoy and become a fan as I have of a talent sure to shine all over the world.

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