Listen: “Moments” by Everywhere

“Moments” by Everywhere

You guys already know I am a fan of a certain Swedish band that specializes in delivering some of the best indie pop gems you’ll hear. You know who they are don’t you? Their name certainly match their future, they are Everywhere and they deliver their latest single “Moments” (a masterful rework of the original by fellow Swedish artist KEV). The track is full of good vibes and great melodies that remind us to live life and enjoy each moment for every single one of them is a gem to be treasured in our hearts and souls. The refreshing and soothing vocals of Max embrace the lyrics and have a way of hitting right at the core of our humanity and lighting a fire that is sure to burn bright once you listen to this gem. So remember the name, follow the band and enjoy this and every must listen track they have served us with and the ones they serve to us in the near future. Enjoy!

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