Listen: “Lions Roar” by Speak, Brother

“Lions Roar” by Speak, Brother

Uk indie band Speak, Brother deliver a powerful and invigorating track that turns into a truly special and refreshing soundscape with their latest “Lions Roar”. The guys have created something unique and so out of this world as it takes shape and form and simply hits the listener instantly. It is a perfect union of melodies, verses and vocals that are so rich and full of passion and motivation as it makes each sentence feel so real. There’s something about it that makes you feel as if it was performed specially for you, it provides the listener with an electric dose of energy that fills you up and pulls you from your slumber into the light. You feel the beauty, the magic and the fire of the lyrics as you have the necessity to embody each word and finally out of nowhere you roar as powerful as a lion would. Enjoy!

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