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Music Video Recommendation: “Runaway” by Dream Lake

“‘Runaway’ is about having fears and that you sometimes must dare to let go of in order to embrace something new into your life.” While love can feel like an unstoppable force, the lyrics remind us that relationships may fade with changing seasons. New opportunities with new people inspire us to be optimistic about the road ahead.” – Isabella of Dream Lake

Dream Lake

Swedish indie pop duo Dream Lake deliver an ethereal and haunting soundscape with the music and visuals for their track “Runaway”. The give us a nice dose of magic, energy and a certain unknown that lifts our spirits and fills us with something unique and needed. The talented pair set a combination of hypnotizing melodies and vocals that go hand in hand with the black and white aesthetics of the video creating something utterly mesmerizing. You can’t help but feel in tune with the lyrics as they take shape and you are reminded that life is in a constant movement and while the bad comes through, there are also new opportunities, experiences and people that leave a light inside of us. You are left filled with hope, joy and a will to search for those special moments that test you to explore your fears and come on top. So listen, enjoy and simply become a fan of a duo who is sure to deliver more hypnotizing and unique must listen gems.

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