Premiere: “Painkillers” by SERENA

“Painkillers” by SERENA

London based Italian indie pop singer/songwriter SERENA has allowed this humble Wolf (in a dashing suit) to premiere her debut single “Painkillers”. The talented artist delivers something beyond special, honest and truly a must listen gem as it will give peace and advise to your heart and your soul. She wrote it inspired by distance and how it can strain a relationship unless something is done. Personally I feel the track can be a reflection of many moments in life and provide a guiding hand to head towards the light and to step out of the darkness that at times wants to surround us. She understands the uncontrollable nature of the human existence and gives a voice that motivates and through her soundscape you can feel as if she has provided us with a shoulder to lean on or even cry on. The song is perfectly set uniting each ingredient and creating something that exceeds the expectations for a debut, but it is certainly welcome as every artist should always aspire to deliver the best possible. So listen, enjoy and fall for a talent and a voice that is sure to conquer the world with splendid musical creations.

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