New Music Alert: “Get You Alone” by Sleeping Wolf

“Get You Alone” by Sleeping Wolf

You already know these guys, they are Steven Solomon and Jake Newton aka Sleeping Wolf and they are here with their latest masterpiece “Get you alone”. As always they simply know how to hit the spot and create indie pop gems that just connect with the listeners and pulls them in instantly into their world. They take feelings, emotions and desires and multiply them creating this song about a sexual obsession that defies reason and self control. They explore the fire and magic of the sexual landscape and come with something that simply burns you inside and not only does it have the capacity to get you all hot and bothered but also it has a certain charm that hypnotizes you instantly. The guys have certainly set music, lyrics and that unknown it that is naturally part of them on path to greatness and from there they have given us gold. So listen, enjoy and simply fall for their sound as I have.

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