Listen: “Clearing” by Boyscout ft. Maddie Megery

“Clearing” by Boyscout ft. Maddie Megery

Boyscout with the company of Maddie Megery in the vocals deliver a truly mesmerizing and beautiful indie folk track with “Clearing”. The pair take emotions, stories, a certain nature like vibe and create a soundscape that is soothing and exactly what you need to let go of the stress of the world for a bit and simply enjoy some good music. He sets the tone with a masterful arrangement that is guided through the airwaves by the guitar and then you get Maddie’s voice and you’ve hit gold as she is truly an accomplished singer. The song is one that must be added to playlists all around, so listen and enjoy this gem that is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what we has planned.

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