“There’s no place like home.”

Canyon City

Indie folk singer/songwriter/storyteller Paul Johnson aka Canyon City delivers a track that reminds us of home with lyrics, melodies and visuals with the music video for his latest gem “Our Way”. The talented artist takes life, experiences and the meaning of home to create a soundscape that is filled a warmth that makes us feel safe and at ease. The indie folk melodies take shape and form and pull us in softly to hold us and give us a hug as we just smile and let it love us. The visuals are truly something magnificent as the (real-life) family featured embrace the lyrics and give us a glimpse into their lives and the personification of this song. Paul has truly captured something special, refreshing and one of a kind as his story unfolds and we dive without hesitation into it. So listen, see and let the soundscape unfold in front of you and become a home for your senses to rest. Enjoy!

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