Music Video Recommendation: “Liberteens” by Gabi Sklar

“Standin on a red R8,

The she says that she’s Audi,

Cause this party’s lame,

We are kids of the 90’s,

Prone to get a little rowdy

Forever is today”

Gabi Sklar

Are you ready for a breath of honest fresh air in music? Well then have I got an artist to recommend: the young and talented indie pop singer/songwriter Gabi Sklar. The charming and honest to the bone artist delivers an incredible and youthfully playful track with the music video for her single “Liberteens”. Honestly the song is just too good for words, she keeps it light and in sync with her experiences and the age group she is part of while also pulling anyone who listens into her world and making them remember when they were there. There’s no judging, just the truth, we have all been a little rowdy and done whatever the hell we wanted at least a few times when we were 16 (or well even today lol). I applaud Gabi for delivering mature and really point lyrics that flow like silk through the melodies she has set creating a soundscape that is exquisite and could rival the big names out there already. We are drawn to her music and her as she possesses that unknown I love so much and just can’t keep my eyes away when found in music. So listen, enjoy and keep track of a young artist who is definitely heading to the big leagues sooner than later.

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