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“Morrison” is about the black holes, the dark times and being on the verge of insanity. I always had an understanding of, and a compassion with the people and artists who dedicate their whole being and soul to their art. As an artist I hang inside emotions. Good and bad, and I keep hanging as long as needed. That’s what I do and that’s what my songs are made of. Sometimes those emotions pile up, and that’s how Morrison came out.” – Tim Schou

Tim Schou

Talented Danish singer/songwriter Tim Schou takes us on a visual and melodic ride with his music video for his indie pop/rock gem “Morrison”. Tim takes experiences lived, seen and heard and puts them on paper to create something so powerful, honest and human. The verses speak of the darkness, looking down the edge and simply the want and need to break out of your skin as stress, life and all the bad piles up. He speaks of the ones that focus on one thing shutting everything out, the ones who keep emotions sealed and hidden from the world and those who take each hit and never say a word. You accumulate all of this and most of the time something wants to break out and scream, your very own Morrison wants to live. The song is not a critique, but in my eyes it becomes a friend that understands your ins and outs as you seek shelter within yourself from the all that is accumulated. It’s up to you if you create something out of all that you keep or if you give your mind, body and soul a much needed dose of understanding, letting go and speaking out. So listen, enjoy and enter the ream that Tim has created for you.

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