Listen: “The Cost of a Life” by Still Changing

“The Cost of a Life” by Still Changing

Norwegian indie rock band Still Changing deliver a much needed and secretly wanted story with their latest single “The cost of a life”. They scream out loud with indie pop/rock melodies and invite us to wonder and ask if material things are worth more than a life. They see the world and the current situation and like us they wondered the same thing, for sadly there seems to be a shift to thinking that money is worth more than people. We see it in the politics of our nations, people see it daily as some so called privileged step harder on those less fortunate and look at them with disdain. Is having a few more dollars in your pocket, a fancy car, maybe travelling more than the average really something that gives you the right to treat others in a nearly inhumane manner? No, a life is worth more than a campaign, a political party, any freaking name brand in the world, oil, money and any material thing around. So ask yourself what is the cost of a life to you? – if there’s something worth more then you really need to reevaluate yourself.

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